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Social Media Marketing

Here are two very critical things you need to know:

  • Social Media is about conversation. We learn things on Social Media by participation. Your social media participation sends information out to people who have an interest in you.
  • The Internet is about information. We find information on the web by investigation and observation. Your website is a destination, and people go to it to learn about you.

The key to Social Media Marketing is the combination of these two seemingly disparate entities. While social media is pushing information to “followers” and people who “like” you, the information delivered is rather shallow and should lead to a deeper well of information – your website!

This nifty diagram should clear everything up:

Or maybe not. Talk to us and we can show you how this simple diagram is a very complex – and effective – strategy for your practice. Let’s elaborate a bit on What You Need To Create and then How To Market Socially.

What You Need To Create

Create Your Social Channels – Facebook and Twitter are the twin components for delivering linked content. YouTube extends your social channels to accomodate video and animation. Google+ is an up-and-comer and you might as well add this into the mix. And claim those automatically created Check-In places Facebook already made for you. Oh yes they did. Creating the channels is the easiest part. Each channel can be customized and settings adjusted for maximum security and usefulness. We’re specialists in this very thing.

Create a Blog on Your Website – This is the destination and repository for the content you’ll promote. More on that in a second.

Create a Content Calendar – Social channels are pointless unless you have RELEVANT INFORMATION. Let’s review that one more time: RELEVANT INFORMATION, i.e. something your patients can USE. The most common mistake you can make is to create a social channel and then advertise. Advertising is not conversation, it’s pressure and sales. And you’re patients won’t like that. So you need a content calendar that lists bits of content you will post on your website and point at from your social channel.

Create a Method for Distribution – Using tools like HootSuite, you can sync your feeds from your blog and redistribute at timed intervals to your followers and friends.

Create Content – Sadly, the most overlooked step. You have to publish to your blog, a lot, and often. Good thing you’ve got loads of spare time. Or have a friend with a ton of content (Hint: That’s us.)

How To Market Socially

Create an Internal Marketing Strategy – Leverage your front desk resources, post signage, attach promo cards to patient materials, add to business cards, etc. Marketing begins at home.

Create Email Newsletters – Easy, you’ll reuse the content you created for your blog. Or we created for your blog. At the top and bottom of the email are Social buttons to link up your email database.

Create Social Buttons – You need Social buttons that allow users of your website to instantly Like, Share, and Follow you.

Post, Post, and Post – Posting relevant content at optimal times of the day extends your reach to people who like/follow you. And they’ll extend your reach to their friends, that lucrative second level.

Participate – Monitor your feeds and social places. Reply when people post! It’s that easy – as long as you have the time and the tools. Yet another thing we can help you out with.

Measure – Check your social analytics to see what’s working and follow the high scores. And we can decode this for you.