How We Educate

How We Educate2018-06-12T14:31:44+00:00

You talk to your patients at length, carefully explaining their conditions and treatment options, pre and post-op care, and what do they do? Call with more questions. Or worse, look elsewhere for information about something you said, but they didn’t ask you to clarify.
We can help you solve these problems and a couple of others with our best-of-class content.

We Write, You Doctor.

You need to focus on your patients, but you need education materials and content to help them fully understand their conditions and treatments, as well as set expectations for outcomes. Perhaps you’re pretty good at certain techniques and want to let your patients (and prospective patients) know all about it. And maybe you’re tired of your website being nothing more than a map to your practice and some outdated pictures and bio material. It’s time to put our content and writers to work for you. Our content helps you:

  • Deliver well-written, illustrated and/or animated content to your patients to help them understand their treatment and condition.
  • Provide a virtual extension of your time with them – your content, on your website.
  • Reduce patient’s internet searches for questionable content.
  • Streamline visits by “prescribing” content before patient visits you – Anatomy, Tests, and Understanding Pain are helpful content pieces to assist your patient in articulating their symptoms.
  • Provide a visible, credible form of Informed Consent.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…

So an Animation is worth millions, right? We have the largest library of animations available to supplement our content. And they’re built in to our content so your patients see more than just words, they get clear narrated animations that help them understand their conditions and treatments.
Learn More and See The Animation Library!

Content Calendar Show Me The Way

We’ve thought this through for you. We have a content calendar for just about any orthopedic or neurosurgical practice. Spine, Knee, Shoulder, Hip – whatever part of the body you like, we’ve got hundreds of articles, animations, and video about it, along with general health and wellness articles. We call it a calendar because that’s exactly what it is – a spreadsheet of articles broken down by specialty and article  focus, along a year plan. So why a spreadsheet of content?

  • Each article can be published to your website in a blog format. This helps keep your site fresh.
  • Each article can be summarized in a digest to give you a monthly newsletter for your practice.
  • Each article has meta-data to help you with search optimization and marketing.
  • Each article is social-ready and can be posted to all social channels automatically as they are posted to your site.
  • Each article is mobile-ready and can be read via all mobile phones and tablets.

Check Your Social Calendar

We mentioned social-ready. That’s a much larger discussion, and we need to have it. Social media isn’t the future, it’s right now. There are people sitting in your office “checking in” on Facebook and you probably aren’t aware of that, or maybe even what that means. We’re social media managers and can work with you, your practice administrators, marketing and IT staff – whoever needs to learn about this. Because the one thing you’ll learn quickest is you have to have something to say to participate in the social media conversation, and thats where our content can do the talking for you.