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Really, what can we say that you don’t expect? This is where most marketing groups promote their values or how hip their team is, etc. We’re all that of course, but here’s a few key things you want to know about us:

    • We focus exclusively on Healthcare Marketing
    • We have an extensive healthcare background in the top Fortune 500 Medical Device companies
    • We have a proven track record with top surgeons, practices, and healthcare companies that you can verify
    • We have the largest library of patient education than any other healthcare marketing company

We are entirely in-house – all writers, programmers, artists, etc. all work for us. So you can speak directly to the people working on your project.

Media And More

Watch some videos, read some of our articles, and download a few files.

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PracticeMarketingRx Partners Guide – This PDF is intended for device company reps and management. Learn how we can deliver value to your surgeon customers. Download PracticeMarketingRx Partners Guide