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We’re an authorized reseller for Swarm Interactive. These are the finest condition and treatment animations you can put on your website. Take a tour through the ViewMedica application below. These animations can be in a central part of your website or embedded specifically on condition and treatment pages.

Check Out Animations Installed on Treatment and Condition Pages with Practice Marketing Content

Take a gander at how great these animations look on a page with VoxMD content. Your patients will gain a lot of knowledge and increase their understanding of their conditions and treatments. Click on a Treatment or Condition to view a page with animations embedded.

How Much, You Ask, For These Amazing Animations?

Less than half the cost of that decaf carmel macchiato you enjoy so much. Our animations start at $50 per month for 25 animations, with additional animations only $2 a month per animation. Have a multi-specialty practice and need 500 animations? We have an all-inclusive package of over 550 orthopedic animations for $5000 a year – that’s less than a dollar an animation per month!

But Wait, There’s More!

Just like the infommercial pitchmen say, act now and receive at absolutely no extra charge….

  • All animations are Mobile-Ready and work with your Mobile site.
  • Many animations have full-color handouts for printing and are bilingual (English and Spanish).
  • All animations are available on DVD to play in your waiting room.


Contact us today to learn about how you can get these added to your site.